These rooftop showers take bathing out in the open to a whole new level

By Jennifer Laing | July 31, 2015 - 9:59AM

An outdoor shower attached to a beach house might be described as a necessity (how else to avoid tracking sand into the living room after a day at the shore?). But a shower on a New York City rooftop —far from any sandy beach and, possibly, no more than a few yards from an indoor version—is pure decadence.

These outdoor showers come with expansive terraces complete with landscaping, decking, dining areas and even a hot tub (or two!) and make showering al fresco a truly indulgent experience.

This 5,500 square foot loft rental at 43 Clarkson Street in the West Village ($60,000/month) has five bedrooms and five baths spread out out three levels. The top floor includes a glass atrium with a wet bar and an office/library that opens onto a landscaped terrace with decking and the outdoor shower (ideal for rinsing off in after a morning toiling away in the garden).

The 1,200 square foot deck of this eight room condo at 21 West 20th Street (yours for $10 million) has a built-in kitchen with a grill, a custom-designed gas fireplace, a six person hot tub and an adjacent outdoor shower—the perfect spot for cooling off post-tubbing.

If you're the type of person who likes to bathe before you eat, you're in luck! The outdoor shower of this three bedroom Chelsea condo rental at 141 West 24th St (priced at $17000/month) is located next to the grill, for easy access to a quick rinse after an afternoon of sunbathing and BBQ prep—something we expect New Yorkers with 1,500 square foot terraces do all the time.


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