Survey says: Twentysomething women would rather give birth than hunt for apartments

By BrickUnderground  | July 7, 2015 - 2:59PM

No, that headline's not hyperbole: according to Refinery29's recent story on millennial women's apartment-hunting habits—fueled by results from a survey data of 1000 renters—a lot of millenial women would literally rather give birth than deal with the apartment hunt. We suspect a lot of respondents would change their mind after, y'know, actually dealing with childbirth, but still. It's dramatic.

Another interesting finding? The majority of women responded that finding an apartment still comes second in difficulty to finding a mate. (In some parts of the city, we'd say it's even harder, especially if you add the "affordable" caveat to it.)

Fifty-eight percent of women reportedly seek feedback from their significant others on real estate decisions, perhaps because, as the site's senior brand manager, Niccole Schreck, put it, “One of the only things that women ranked as being more difficult than landing an apartment was landing a mate. If they’ve found someone, why not include him or her in the discussion of another important commitment in life?” Still, if you're a brownstone-type and your beloved's a penthouse type (a question that always gets interesting answers in our Due Diligence questionnaire for notable New Yorkers), apartment-hunting together, even if not moving in together, may be asking for trouble.

Also surprising is the fact that aside from the whole "giving birth" thing, millennial women would apparently "rather cook, clean, go to the DMV, [or] visit the gynecologist, than search for new digs." Really? Why anyone would volunteer to go the DMV instead of scoping out a strangers' apartments — let's be honest, that's a perk for many of us nosy types — is lost on us. In any case, for more findings, click here.


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