Would You Rather?

New Yorkers, what will it be: Hamptons or Fire Island?

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It’s officially summer and that means New Yorkers are getting ready for their annual warm-weather exodus.  We asked five New Yorkers about which beach-side escape they prefer:  Fire Island or the Hamptons?

  • Stalking the Barefoot Contessa I just want to live next door to Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey [in East Hampton]. I want to be the friend who she invites over for coffee. Basically, I want her to adopt me. — Charity, Upper West Side
  • Bungalow fever I’d choose Fire Island! I like the small bungalows there. They are more intimate and community-friendly! — Allie, Midtown (pictured left)
  • Something’s Gotta Give Me that Hamptons House I only know the Hamptons from the movies. Specifically, from that movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Major. House. Crush. I can’t even deal. I so covet that house, it’s crazy. — Janey, Harlem
  • Been there, would do it again I’ve actually been to stay in a lovely place on Fire Island. I love it there. It’s so refreshing to spend a weekend there. Even though it gets packed  (isn’t it like that everywhere, anyway? At least in the summer), it’s so nice. The people and the places to eat. I love it all and hope we can arrange another mini-break like that. — Alexa, Upper West Side
  • The Luxe Life The Hamptons! It feels private and exclusive. Also, with those beaches and houses, it’s so incredibly gorgeous there! — Carissa, Midtown

Verdict: The Hamptons win, by a hair.


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Do you love your NYC summers or dream of getting out of dodge?