New York's noisiest neighborhoods, now in map form

By Virginia K. Smith  | June 19, 2015 - 10:30AM

As part of society's ongoing efforts to turn every single shred of New York-related data into a map, you can now see how your neighborhood's noise levels compare to the rest of the city's blocks and boroughs, Thrillist reports. As you might have guessed, by this metric, Manhattanites have it the worst of anybody.

Neighborhood data site PlaceILive put the map together based on 311 complaints, and color coded accordingly down to individual buildings. (Click through to Thrillist for the interactive map.) Neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan, Upper Manhattan (namely Inwood and Washington Heights), and North Brooklyn appear to have the highest rates of noise complaints, and for the most part, the farther you get out into the boroughs, the quieter things get.

However, as with all things based on 311 complaints, these numbers could also be affected by how willing—or unwilling—locals are to get the city on the horn when the local bar/teenagers/car alarms are interrupting their sleep. So whatever happens in Staten Island stays in Staten Island?


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