A private island for sale, surviving as a new New Yorker, and more

By Virginia K. Smith | May 26, 2015 - 11:45AM

A home on this private island off Connecticut is still cheaper than most Manhattan townhouses (Daily Mail)

How to survive your first few jobless, apartment-less months in the city (NYO, previously)

Add "furniture that isn't bad for your body" to your home decor wish list (NYT)

Where to vacation if you're not into the uptight social scene (and high prices) of the Hamptons (NYP)

Rent an apartment in this Bushwick house that looks like a Tetris game (Curbed NY)

Can you legally put your A/C unit in a window that opens onto a fire escape? (NYT)

What does gentrification really mean, anyway? (City Lab)

New York's hottest ultra-expensive amenity club  is panic room (NYT)

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