The solution to your pigeon problem: a 3D printer

By Virginia K. Smith | May 8, 2015 - 8:59AM 

Looking for a way to keep pigeons off your roof or balcony, and an excuse to play around with a 3D printer? A company called Robox has released designs for 3D-printable "pigeon scarers," made to look like birds of prey, and keep the city's most hated birds away from your building, as the Observer recently reported.

"These 'scarers' can be printed and placed on window ledges, garden walls, door steps and even in the local park!" the company notes on its MyMiniFactory page. They cost less than $5 to print, and are apparently very effective. "[Robox has] found that pigeons are so frightened by the watchful and intimidating gazes of the 3D printed birds that even the incentive of food isn’t enough to convince stray pigeons to stick around in their presence," the Observer writes. Check out the scarers in their natural habitat:

Hey, it's better than sticking an old-school scarecrow on your stoop, right?


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