Small Wonder

A $1,900 Manhattan Valley studio that's an easy transition from dorm life

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | May 18, 2015 - 1:15PM

This $1,900 studio — located in a northern micro-neighborhood of the Upper West Side called Manhattan Valley — is a slight step-up from your college dorm experience we'd imagine, thanks to the fact that it's got its own bathroom. 

Note: Manhattan Valley is a much less tony part of the Upper West Side, but this building also happens to be a few-minute walk to Central Park.

The place itself is tiny and tidy and comes complete with a stove top (read: no oven). See below.

It's available as a short-term sublet, so you can live there while you decide where to stay long-term. Plus, the building has multiple small dorm-like units available, so chances are you'll meet like-minded people, and maybe even a potential roommate.

Also, A/C, wi-fi and cable are included in the rent.  And, perhaps best of all, there's a weekly cleaning service (See? Way better than dorm life).

Breakfast for one. (Take a look at that tiny table.)

Guarantors are accepted and apartments come fully furnished, with linens, blankets , towels , pillows and even toilet paper, so you can literally just bring your toothbrush.

Plus, you can have up to two occupants in each unit, in case you have a friend who's also looking to crash somewhere temporarily.

The application fee is $250 per applicant, but on the bright side, there's no broker's fee.

There are special showing times so check here.


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