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The snow is melting! And it's filled with all your neighbors' garbage

By Virginia K. Smith  | March 10, 2015 - 12:15PM

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! How much trash and dog poop is melting out of your block's snow banks? And how long can you hold out before diving into everyone's favorite springtime tradition: making angry street cleaning complaints to 311?

For the record (and if passive-aggressive photo-taking isn't your preferred plan of attack), according to, "Property owners must clean and sweep the sidewalks and gutters next to their property, including 18 inches from the curb into the street. Property owners who do not clean the sidewalks and gutters bordering their property may be issued a summons. The Department of Sanitation will inspect the location and may issue a summons, but they will not remove the debris.”

Meaning that you can get your delinquent neighbors in some civic trouble for this, or that if you're the one with a mounting trash-and-ice heap outside your building, better get on top of that ASAP. Seriously, for all of our sakes.


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