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Applications are open for Ocean Hill rentals as cheap as $640 a month

By Virginia K. Smith | March 26, 2015 - 12:15PM

If you're hoping for an affordable housing lottery with better odds than the two apartments that are opening up in Bed-Stuy, you're in luck: applications just opened up for affordable rentals in Atlantic Commons Phase II, a cluster of low-income buildings in Ocean Hill where apartments will be available for as low as $640 a month. (Don't forget, you're allowed to apply to multiple affordable housing developments at the same time without incurring any kind of penalty.)

The buildings are entirely comprised of affordable housing—some apartments are set aside for homeless residents as well—and are located at 1969 Bergen Ave., 1459 St. Marks Ave., and 404 and 414 Howard Ave., all of which are accessible by the A and C lines, as well as the L at Atlantic Ave. There's a single studio available for $640, as well as one-bedrooms for $689 and $844, and two-bedrooms for $835 and $1,022 for incomes ranging from $25,500 to $51,780, depending on apartment and family size. (Application information and full requirements can be found here.)

Competition for the 34 apartments is likely to be stiff—the developer Shinda Management Corporation told us that they received 18,000 applications for their previous project. If you're interested, get those applications in by the May 27 deadline.


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