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New development hype: now in shades of neon

By Virginia K. Smith  | March 31, 2015 - 1:30PM

There's now a way for midtown's sky-high, billionaire-centric developments to leave an impression (and catch your attention) before they even go up: we recently spotted this very hard-to-miss new neon sign marking the spot of 220 Central Park South, a mega-development that has yet to be built.

Granted, signage announcing a new development in the neighborhood is just as common these days as billboards trumpeting a new TopShop (or even a new bodega) making its way to your neighborhood. The look just usually tends to be a bit more, well, muted. Field Condition recently spotted this minimal billboard advertising a new Zaha Hadid building on the way in Chelsea, and many developers opt for decorative scrims, i.e. a dropcloth with an image of how the building will eventually look once work is complete. Take, for instance, this painted scrim that covered the front of the Plaza during its last renovation:


Of course, if there's no building to cover yet, a sign makes the most sense, and if your building is rumored to have $175 million penthouse in the works, why not go for neon? (We've reached out to the building's developer for comment, and will update if we hear back). In any case, if you live in the neighborhood, you can't exactly say you weren't warned about your giant new neighbor.


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