Take It Or Leave It

Would you pay $1,800/month for a Harlem one-bedroom with an "interesting" layout?

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Sure, there's a large—and seemingly load-bearing—column (which, strangely, doubles as a closet) in the middle of the living area, but this is New York City, people, the land of the weird apartment layout. Ingenuity is key. The compact one-bedroom at 2276 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, at 134th Street,  is on the market for $1,800 a month, slightly under the area median, according to StreetEasy.

The apartment is staged tastefully (we know it's staged because another apartment in the five-story elevator building is on the market with the same furniture), and from the looks of it there's room for a dining area and/or office, too. The listing calls it a one-and-a-half bedroom, presumably meaning that the space behind the column could be made into a small second bedroom.

The kitchen has a decent amount of cabinet space,  and even a pantry, though it's missing a dishwasher. That said, there's a video intercom (no doorman) and laundry in the building. 

Size: 1.5-bed, 1-bath
Location: 2276 Seventh Avenue (at 134th Street)
Cost: $1,800/mo
Flexible layout: Yes
Days on the market: 9
Subway: B,C, 2, 3 to 135th Street

Pros and Cons:

"This apartment as it's currently staged looks cute. Small and cute. I'm not seeing a lot of closets, though that exposed closet in a beam is kind of a cool way to hide coats. Also, Harlem is an exciting place to live, with new restaurants, bars and music venues seemingly popping up every week. " - Lucy

"This renovated one bedroom on 134th Street in Central Harlem is in a good location, but the layout is interrupted by an inconvenient column." - Zeb

"The photos of this apartment promise a clean and compact Harlem pad. However, there are some weird architectural things, like an exposed closet in a post—that’s a first. Plus, a one-bed/two-bed flex always stresses me out—that’s usually code for a tiny second bedroom." - Lambeth

Who would this apartment be perfect for?

"A single person or couple who are really neat or don't have a lot of stuff, basically people who could keep the place looking as neat as it is now. I'd also think that 'half bedroom' would be better suited for an open office space than a baby's room since building a wall would mean at least one room would have no window -- a major no-no." - Lucy

"This is a good spot for a single person or a couple on a budget that can deal with a column in the living area." - Zeb

"A couple with a baby who want to check out Harlem living." - Lambeth

The Verdict(s):

TAKE IT "As long as you can keep it neat—and don't have too much stuff—it's a good apartment for a good price. Two of the other apartments available in the building are being offered with no broker's fee. See if you can negotiate on this one." - Lucy

LEAVE IT "You can find a similar space without the layout challenges." - Zeb  

LEAVE IT "Without a doorman or any major amenities to speak of, the apartment just doesn't seem worth the pricetag." - Lambeth