Meet Bookniture, versatile furniture that folds up into a book

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | February 18, 2015 - 2:59PM

When you live in New York, foldable chairs and tables are often necessary for accommodating visitors at a moment's notice. The problem: Unless you have a lot of closet space (ha!) storage can be tricky. The, ahem, novel solution: Bookniture, an ingenious line of multifunctional furniture that unfolds, accordian-like, from a hardcover book. Just clear out an inch of shelf space and—boom!—you've got room to keep an extra stool, footrest, nightstand or small coffee table:

Inventor Mike Mak, a Hong Kong-based designer, is killing it on Kickstarter (he's raised almost seven times his $50,000 goal with 28 days left in the campaign), and the items are almost sold out. But for $70, you can still snag one with a "field brown" base. (It also comes in black.) Shipment starts in the spring.

Made of thick, recyclable paper in a "honeycomb structure," the Bookniture weighs about 3.5 pounds and apparently supports more than 100 times its weight. Each of the pieces is topped with a circular piece of felt that makes it easy to sit on or use as a table top. It expands to a diameter of 14 inches.

It's also stackable (you can use it as a desk) and portable (take it to Central Park for a picnic). And we think it could make a pretty great housewarming gift, too. 


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