How to spice up your storage routine

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If you need an excuse to splash out on home goods, here it is: one key component of keeping your place organized may involve bringing a little panache to your storage tools, as Apartment Therapy points out. Translation: you have permission to do a little shopping. Think fancy label makers, attractive baskets, and other luxe stuff-holders that’ll get you jazzed up about storage (and yes, we never thought we’d hear that phrase either).

Other essentials to staying organized? Set a decluttering schedule and add reminders to your calendar so you stick with it. (This also works for cleaning up.) And use all the storage options available, including adding shelves up the walls and hooks over the doors, and sticking stuff in the nooks and crannies of your apartment.

One of our favorite tricks is to hang all the short clothes on one side of the closet, freeing up a few feet of space for a little dresser, a set of shelves or a shoe rack.


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