5 built-in bookshelves that'll make you toss your Kindle

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 2, 2015 - 3:59PM

We love browsing the stacks of the New York Public Library as much as anyone, but there's something about curling up with a good book from your own collection (and a cup of tea, perhaps) that feels like coziness personified. Here are five homes currently on the market with built-in bookshelves that'll make a page-turner out of anyone. 

Located in the famous San Remo building on Central Park West, this just-under-$17  million four-bedroom apartment has a 21-foot library off the living room with so many bookshelves you'll have to make a trip to Barnes & Noble stat.

This $8.6 million Fifth Avenue apartment is actually two three-bedrooms that can be combined into a five- or six-bedroom spread. With all that space, you may not spend too much time in any one room, but somehow we think this homey den would get some use.

Who wouldn't want to live in a five-story prewar townhouse on Park Avenue? This room, complete with custom bookshelves, is on the second floor with a glass atrium next door if you start to feel claustrophobic. A small caveat: It'll cost you $14.9 million.

This  $9.45 million 19th Century townhouse is located in the East 60s. Also? It has an elevator. Sure, the decor is a bit ostentatious, but how else are you going to feel like fin de siecle aristocracy? Read some real hardcover books in this library for a true throwback.

If the Upper West Side's more your cup of tea, there's a townhouse with a reading room complete with huge windows and a fireplace. Seven bedrooms should be enough right? Asking price: $17.95 million.


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