Eyes on you: An apartment security camera that sends text messages

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 6, 2015 - 3:59PM

One of a doorman's major functions is to keep unwanted visitors from the building, but if you can't spring for a place with an attended lobby, there are plenty of technological options to let you keep an eye on your apartment even while you're not at home. One such offering is the iCamPRO, a spherical camera that promises to track motions and sounds in your apartment, and will notify you by text--with photos and in real-time--if something fishy is going on. 

At three inches tall, the camera will sit on a flat surface, or you can mount it on the wall or ceiling, and it works in dim light as well, according to the creators, a consumer electronics company called Amaryllo


So far, the camera is only available through a Kickstarter donation--$149 for the white model or $199 for the black model, which sold out at the lower price--but will retail for $300. (They've already drummed up 115 times their original $1,000 fundraising goal!) Shipping is free, but you'll have to wait til May to get the camera delivered. 


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