Living above it all: get the most out of a loft bed

By Virginia K. Smith  | October 14, 2014 - 3:59PM

Besides adding a cozy, vaguely bohemian vibe to any bedroom, loft beds also have one sizable practical advantage: a lot of added storage space. 

And, assuming your landlord signs off on any drilling involved, they're relatively simple to add to a rental, whether you buy one pre-made or go the DIY route. A few design ideas to keep in mind one you've got that elevated bed all set up? 

For one thing, bedside shelving is essential. Apartment Therapy suggests either installing a small shelf at the top of your ladder right next to the bed, or a longer one above the bed that's shallow enough to keep you from bonking your head when you sit up (an even safer bet would be to put something similar at the foot of the bed, instead). If you use this option, you can add in a guard rail a few inches above the shelf's base to keep books, laptops, etc. from tumbling onto your bed.

Another key question is what you'll do with all that newfound space under the bed. This type of nook is ideal for a small home office, as pictured above, but can also be a great place to incorporate shelving and closet space (or at least a garment rack), or the end of a sofa, freeing up space in the rest of the room. Having something under the bed has never seemed so appealing.


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