Avoid the latest Craigslist rental scam, quieting next door's non-stop music, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | September 15, 2014 - 10:59AM

A Craigslist apartment scammer is on the loose on the Lower East Side—here's how to avoid getting duped (Gothamist)

How to handle a neighbor who provides a 24-hour soundtrack (NYT)

When a seller isn't down to negotiate, it may be time to cut your losses and look elsewhere (Zillow Blog)

Apartment decor tweaks that won't make a dent in your bank account (Refinery 29)

If you were on the fence, Gothamist makes the most compelling anti-poor door case we've heard yet (Gothamist)

If you're getting forced out of your rent-stabilized apartment, don't forget that you're entitled to a good-sized settlement (Brooklyn Based)

For a reasonably priced kitchen revamp, faucet options for $200 or less (Apartment Therapy)

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