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Live in the Edge for way less than $2K? Williamsburg luxury building accepting affordable housing applications

By Virginia K. Smith  | August 6, 2014 - 12:59PM

Over the past several years, Williamsburg condo complex The Edge has become the face of the neighborhood's pricey, glassy waterfront development, and a key lightning rod in the ongoing "poor door" controversy. But now, you can apply for an affordable apartment there.

Earlier this week, Brooklyn Assemblyman Joe Lentol posted the following flyer on his Facebook page, noting that applications are currently being accepted for affordable units in two Williamsburg buildings, one at 34 North 6th Street, the other at 27 North 6th Street. In other words, the "Williamsburg Community Apartments," the two separate buildings that house The Edge's affordable apartments (note that applications are also directed to [email protected]). 

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York asked, "Are these rents affordable for the income limits required? I don't think so." And really, these do look fairly steep given the income caps listed:




By our estimation, rent for both apartments would amount to roughly an entire after-taxes paycheck for the incomes listed, give or take. And we know the apartments won't have the high-end touches (or waterfront views) of market-rate units, like this 1-bedroom in one of the complex's main towers:

That said, this isn't a case of The Edge looking to spite low or middle-income renters; price and income restriction vary from building to building, and are determined in large part based on median neighborhood income (you generally need to be making 50 percent of the median or less in order to qualify). The prices also fall into the standard formula of income equaling around forty times the monthly rent that most landlords use to determine income requirements. 

In any case, these are still way cheaper than anything else The Edge has on offera market studio is currently available for $3,750 a month. If you qualify and are willing to live without access to the rest of the building's amenities, get those applications in while the getting's good.


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