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A chic share on the outskirts of trendy Bushwick

By Jennifer Laing  | August 19, 2014 - 4:39PM

This three-bedroom apartment in the far, far reaches of Bushwick is remote by anyone's standards (it's 35-40 minutes to Union Square on the subway and located off the Bushwick-Aberdeen stop on the L train), but at $2,500/month—that's just $833 per person—it's as good a price as you're likely to find for a slick, sunny, and newly-renovated space like this one.

The apartment's got high ceilings, new hardwood floors and exposed brick walls that will help create a cozy home even if your combined furniture is a bit mismatched. Plus, there's a washer/dryer so no one has to set aside time out of their busy week to drag themselves to a local laundromat.

Besides three bedrooms, the apartment's got two brand new full baths that make sharing a little easier (especially if your roomies' significant others start crashing). And the chef’s kitchen—with its stainless steel appliances, pristine white cabinets and tile backsplash—is large enough for everyone to cook in together without getting in each other's way. Best of all, there's a wine fridge built-in to the center island for storing bottles to serve at your communal dinners.

Located just off of Bushwick Avenue, 78 Pilling Street is a few blocks away from the Bushwick Avenue-Aberdeen Street L and the Chauncey Street J/Z. It's close, but could be a long walk at night (and right next to a huge cemetery, no less). The three-story, 1905 townhouse contains just two apartments—both of which are just-renovated and currently available—so if you love one, you can invite another trio of pals to move in downstairs so you won't have to hop on the train every time you want to see your friends.


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