5 ways to shrink your air conditioner costs

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With 90-degree heat predicted for today and tomorrow, your air conditioner is getting a work out. Assuming you'd rather not give ConEd your entire paycheck, here are some tips for saving money without sacrificing your cool, courtesy of DNA Info.

  • Every degree counts: New Yorkers should keep their A/Cs at 78 degrees. Each degree colder adds 6 percent to your energy bill.
  • Exercise control (from afar): Wireless devices called modlets allow users to control A/Cs remotely and set temperature schedules, so you never have to walk into a furnace again. Con Ed gives them out for free.
  • Clean your filters: All the dust that's collected over the winter is likely to clog up the filter, which means it'll need to work harder (read: use more energy) to keep you cool. 
  • Shower: A cold rinse before bed or after work goes a long way.
  • A cool, new wardrobe: Put your towels, sheets and clothes in the freezer for a few minutes to cool you down.


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