Outbid other buyers without paying extra, own a (possibly) haunted mansion, and more

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How to seal a deal on a home purchase without dropping extra money (Zillow)

One way to stay sane living next to a massive construction project? Get the developer to foot the bill for soundproofing--or at least try (DNAinfo)

Live in a beautiful, spooky Staten Island mansion--and pay less than buying a condo in Williamsburg (Curbed NY via Gothamist)

Celebrity neighbors: do they help or hurt property values? #HamptonsProblems (Curbed Hamptons)

Buyer beware: sellers are upping prices on supposedly "affordable" HDFC co-ops and demanding all-cash offers (DNAinfo)

Is leaving your roommate alone in the apartment considered an accidental sublet? (Excel Bradshaw Management Group)

Which NYC neighborhood should you live in? Definitive, scientific answers (i.e. a quiz) (TimeOut)

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