Charming woodburning fireplaces on the way out, the all-cash buying boom is a crock, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | May 20, 2014 - 10:59AM

Wood-burning fireplaces (and the havoc they wreak on the environment) are possibly on the way out in NYC (NYT)

A little relief from that no-mortgage peer pressure: only 45 percent of recent Manhattan home sales were all cash affairsnot 80 percent as previously reported (Matrix Blog)

If you're selling a home, here's how to stay in your agent's good graces (Zillow)

De Blasio is pushing for "universal, affordable, high-speed Internet access" city-widePossible freedom from the clutches of Time Warner? (NYO)

In one condo building Google hangouts are the new "mixer in the lobby" (Habitat Mag)

Just say no to venetians: 18 creative options for your window treatments (Design*Sponge)

Greenpoint, Red Hook and six other Brookyln neighborhoods you "won't be able to recognize in five years" (Complex via Brownstoner)

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