Free up hallway space with this sleek bike rack

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | April 25, 2014 - 8:59AM

It's officially riding season in the city—yay!—but your cycling glee may be dampened by this harsh reality: a serious lack of bike storage or floor space for your two-wheeler when it's not in use.

The Shelfie, designed by a lifelong cyclist, is the first "patent pending" shelf that uses the seat of your bike as a hook, helping you avoid scratching the frames or kinking the cables when you hang it. Plus, there's room to store your helmet, and you'll free up hallway space by using the walls as a storage area. 

With over two weeks to go, the shelf has already almost doubled its Kickstarter fundraising goal of $30,000, so its first production run is a go. For a contribution of $125, you can get your very own.

You might even be able to hang two bikes in a NYC apartment.


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