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Short on closet space? Try the zig zag hook

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | April 17, 2014 - 9:59AM

It's the first rule of space-saving interior design: Use your walls. The Ziggy hook set promises to help you do just that. Made from folded steel and designed for strength, the zig zag patterned hooks can be used alone or doubled or tripled up to create whatever length of rack you need, either in a straight line or a free-form pattern.

Better yet, you can "hook things through it, hang things on it and even rest small objects on top," says the creator, Australian designer Kristian Aus. "Ziggy is great in any room of your house and lets you add a touch of design to the smallest of spaces."

The Ziggy hook is deep enough to let you rest small objects on top (Photo credit: Kickstarter)

It can be installed into brick walls, and each hook comes with four screws. You can also use adhesive strips, according to the designer, if you'd rather not put holes in your walls.

Ziggy is raising funds on Kickstarter, with about $3,500 raised of its $10,000 goal, with one day to go.

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