Price Check Rental Edition: Anyone want a free month?
Price Check Rental Edition

Price Check Rental Edition: Anyone want a free month?

By Janine Bowen  | February 20, 2014 - 2:30PM

Good news for renters: 13% of all Manhattan leases came with concessions this January, according to a recent Douglas Elliman report, marking a two-year high. Now may be the time to snag the apartment of your dreams. 

From a studio in Manhattan to a five-bedroom in Brooklyn, here are apartments currently offering one month of free rent across four of NYC's five boroughs--Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. 

To find your own apartment with free rent, go to StreetEasy, click on "Advanced Options," and type "Free rent" into the box that says "Description includes..."

Still need a guarantor? See if the landlord accepts Insurent, a guarantor solution from one of BrickUnderground’s partners.

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