5 affordable must-haves for an organized bathroom

By Cassidy Havens  | June 24, 2014 - 2:59PM

New York City bathrooms rarely have enough storage. You're lucky if you have a functioning medicine cabinet, much less space to store hair dryers, contact lens cleaners, shampoos and everything else that modern sprucing demands. These five items will help organize that messy lavatory into a methodical one—and on the cheap.

1. A "Space Saver" shelf

Aptly named, this three-tier shelf is an obvious choice for most people with small, ill-designed bathrooms. It takes advantage of vertical space rather than (likely non-existent) floor space. Keep towels on one of the shelves and decorate the others with small baskets to hold cosmetics and hair appliances. Stylish, inexpensive versions are available for as low as $20, though more expensive options may provide better stability. Bed Bath & Beyond, $29.99

2. Over-the-door towel rack 

If you have way too much stuff to even think about putting your towels on your new handy space saver shelf, invest in an over-the door towel rack. It's attractive and will keep your towels nice and dry without infringing upon your aforementioned hair product collection. The Container Store, $32.99

3. Undersink caddy 

If you're into minimalism, the cleverly named "Hide 'n' Sink" will help you keep your items tucked safely away. The caddy features an opening for a hair dryer, though it can be replaced with a cover if you're not into blow outs. Store your straightener, hair brush and favorite styling product in this basket, or even keep your cleaning products here. The possibilities are endless. The Container Store, $19.99

4. Magnetic rack 

Though it's typically used as knife rack, this baby can hang on your bathroom wall or the inside of a cabinet to hold bobby pins, tweezers, scissors … anything made from metal, really. You'll save time by not having to dig through drawers, and everyone you know will think you're a genius. Ikea, $12.99

5. Suction cup organizers 

For those of us who don't really have any counter space in our bathroom (or those who just want to keep the bathtub from looking cluttered), suction cup organizers are the best bet for keeping shower items at arm's length. They're available in a range of shapes for a variety of functions--from holding a toothbrush and soap, to razor blades and washcloths. Perfect for the closet-small shower. Ikea, $12.99 and The Container Store, $29.99


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