How to interrogate a mover, the secret to buying a loft (besides cash), cause of balcony tragedy identified, and more

By Sara Alessi  | August 5, 2013 - 8:58AM

Can’t find the right NYC apartment? Consider a commercial loft (New York Times)

Unwelded rivets blamed for deadly plunge from 17th floor balcony (NY Times)

...and in the wake of balcony tragedy, New Yorkers still love their outdoor space, but are wary of railings (NY Times)

NYC is going to the dogs (The Real Deal; related)

Before moving day rolls around, take some time to find movers who'll do it right--and make the day less stressful (NY1; related)

Your building’s lobby can make or break a deal; here's how to spruce it up to encourage sales (Habitat Magazine)

Uh oh...Luis Ortiz gets dumped from Keller Williams after Million Dollar Listing finale (The Real Deal)

Taking out a mortgage? Beware of upselling (The Real Deal)

Better read up if you're considering renovating a landmark building (Habitat Magazine)

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