Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Wishing for soundproof windows and a skylight that actually lets in light

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Central air-conditioning, a skylight that actually lets in light and soundproof windows … six New Yorkers us how their city dwellings might be improved.

  • Climate change   I hate leaving my air conditioned bedroom in the summer and bathing in sweat by the time I reach my front door to leave. I wish I had central A/C so the temperature would be even and well-regulated throughout the apartment. -Curtis, Astoria
  • The siren call of soundproofed windows I live on a street that doesn’t allow any parking on the either side.That’s because it’s the through street for the fire trucks when they race through, sirens blasting. I love my street and neighborhood, so I don’t want to move. But I’d love soundproof windows. Heinz, Hamilton Heights
  • A skylight that shows the sky and gives light I live on the top floor of a brownstone. One of my favorite features of my place were the skylights--especially in the kitchen, which is in the middle of the floor and gets no light otherwise. But a few months ago the landlord had the whole skylight sealed and painted over with dark goop because apparently there were cracks. So there goes that. -April, Morningside Heights
  • Smokey smells of summer I wish my neighbors didn’t grill. We all have great balconies. But when one person barbeques, the smoke always gets into my apartment.  - Patrick, Harlem
  • This is what self-storage is for… We need to de-clutter. We’re sisters and roommates and when our parents moved, they gave us all our junk that were previously stored in their suburban basement and garage: bikes, tents, dorm room furniture and kitchen ware and all our old clothes and books. - Janice and Ally, Clinton
  • ...apropos self-storage We need to convert the home office into a nursery! And the hallway closet into an office nook. - Andrew, Upper West side

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