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Room for Improvement: Ceiling fans, beepless elevators, non-smoking neighbors

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A bathroom with two entryways, beepless elevators, and neighbors that don't smoke… six New Yorkers tell us what they’d add to their homes--or subtract--if only they could…

  • Less social neighbors I’m in the basement of a brownstone and my neighbors like to sit outside and talk and sometimes they smoke, too. I’d say something but I know they are moving out soon anyway. I hope the next tenants don’t smoke -- or entertain -- much.  - Kwenelle, Harlem
  • It’s getting hot in here With the weather warming up I remembered that I really want ceiling fans throughout the apartment. -Gerald, Gramercy Park
  • What happened to good ole elevator music? I wish the elevator on my side of the building didn’t have that loud, high pitched beeping sound every time it passes a floor. The beeping turns into a long squeal whenever it reaches a floor where it has to stop. I can hear it from my bedroom. - Joyce, Hamilton Heights
  • A Hollywood-worthy layout I’d redo my whole apartment to make it look like Meg Ryan’s in "You’ve Got Mail". I don’t know if that would work, but her character had a brownstone floor-through and I’m in one, too. I love her shelving, and the layout -- everything!  - Julie, Upper West Side
  • Two-for-one bathroom I'd like a complete bathroom remodel, to make it so that it opens from two sides for access from the bedroom and the hall. I’d love it with a pocket door in the middle that can close off the bath area from the toilet and sink. That way, when I have guests, they can access the “powder room” from one side, and I don’t have to tidy up the other half (behind the pocket door) where I have the clothes hamper and my son’s extensive bath toy collection. - Jean, Upper East Side
  •  A window for all seasons The windows are horrible in this apartment, so much so that I had to shrink wrap them this winter. Thank god the winter is finally over.  -  Mark, Inwood

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