Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: A dishwasher, a non-captive bathroom, and an extra closet

By Mayra David  | April 3, 2013 - 2:17PM

Bathrooms, closets and scaffolding...These five city dwellers tell you what challenges them the most about their apartments....

  • Too much living room For the square footage, there should really be a second bedroom…there’s tons of living area, probably meant for entertaining. But if we’re meant to entertain, then there should be an elevator in the building  - Kim, Chelsea
  • A hallway bathroom instead of en suite I would have the bathroom entrance be from the hall so you didn’t have to go through the bedroom to get into it.  We’d just have to rearrange every feature of the bathroom but technically it can be done. - Millie, Carroll Gardens
  • No more scaffolding  They have just built scaffolding right up against my window. I live on the top floor and never thought I’d have to deal with people outside my window! But not only are there people, one of those people left his cup of coffee sitting on the sill outside my window. So there’s litter now, too. - Yancy, Harlem
  • Help in the kitchen, plus... I would want a dishwasher, more closet space and better views. - Libby, West Village
  • One is the loneliest (closet) number   I live in a studio on the Upper East Side with one closet.  The apartment has so many wonderful features – floor to ceiling windows, a terrace, washer and dryer, windowed kitchen, marble bath, lovely views – but just one closet! How can there be just one, single closet?  My dream would be another closet of any size! - Michael, Upper East Side

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