In honor of the Oscars, some timeless flicks that capture the NYC real estate experience...starting with Rosemary's Baby

By Alana Mayman  | February 22, 2013 - 12:27PM

The Academy Awards will take place this coming Sunday, and in honor of Hollywood's biggest night, we thought we'd give some recognition to eight movies that capture the New York City real estate experience....

Rosemary's Baby

Most people would sell their soul to live in the Dakota. Watch what happens when someone actually does.

When Harry Met Sally 

Sally: "At least I got the apartment."

Harry:  "What's so hard about finding the apartment? You read the obituaries, go the building, and you tip the doorman..."

Single White Female

Think you have the worst roommate ever? Think again. If you are merely annoyed with your roommate as opposed to terrified, The Odd Couple might be a better choice for a night-in.

Fatal Attraction 

Fancy a move to the 'burbs and a bunny hutch in the backyard? You might rethink it after watching this thriller that proves that leaving Manhattan is never a good idea. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Leave it to Audrey Hepburn to make an Upper East Side walk-up seem effortlessly chic. Anyone who's ever been to a crowded NYC apartment soiree will especially appreciate the famous party scene in which a cast of characters squeeze their way around each other, all the while dancing and chatting it up.

Barefoot in the Park

Speaking of walk-ups, odd couple Robert Redford and Jane Fonda are breathless by the time they reach their tiny, leaky Greenwich Village newlywed love nest. The bedroom is so tiny that the bed is wall-to-wall. If you haven't lived in a place like this at some point, how can you call yourself a New Yorker?

Six Degrees of Separation 

From a posh Park Avenue couple living "hand to mouth at a higher plateau" to struggling actors with a bathtub in their kitchen, there are fewer than six degrees of separation in every New York story.

Almost anything by Woody Allen

Though he's set recent movies in Europe, Woody Allen is still the quintessential New York filmmaker, and many of his movies feature New York City apartments -- some that are realistic and some a bit more fantastical. From Mia Farrow's real-life Central Park West apartment in Hannah and Her Sisters to Isaac's small, leaky apartment in Manhattan to Annie's Upper East Side abode in Annie Hall (we also love how Alvy Singer envisions his childhood home in Coney Island with the Cyclone going through it) to the one-percenter apartments in Everyone Says I Love You, we think a Woody Allen mini-marathon should be required viewing for aspiring NYC real estate brokers.

Other nominees?  Leave 'em in the comments....

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