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NYC living tips from the true experts

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | June 20, 2012 - 8:41AM

It takes a lot of people to keep our vertical-living eco-system puttering along. Our 10 Minutes With series--in which we spend (you guessed it!) 10 minutes with some of the professionals who make living in New York City more bearable--is the focus of this week's SurvivalList. 

There's the private investigator who can find out if your co-op board is up to no good; the handyman who can get you out of some seriously sticky (and gross) situations and the exterminator who helps you sleep at night.

There are also  interviews with people who can make your apartment more beautiful -- from the professional organizer, to the art advisor who can help you get decorate your apartment right (for a certain amount of money) to the interior designer/stager who helps you redecorate in just 50 minutes.

Below is a recap of all our "10 Minutes With" subjects to date and a tiny tidbit of edification from each:


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