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Dear Ms. Demeanor: How much do I tip for lobby delivery?

By Jamie Lauren Sutton  | May 30, 2012 - 11:43AM

Dear Ms. Demeanor,

Our building does not allow most delivery people up to our apartments - we have to meet the all of our food, groceries, drycleaning, etc., in the lobby.  How do we tip them in this circumstance?

Many thanks,

Door-to-not-quite-door serviced

Dear Not Quite,

It is not the delivery guy's fault that your building is strict about deliveries.  Tip them exactly what you would tip them if they came to the door. (Note that I'm referring to normal elevator-building tipping rates, not walk-up rates, which range higher, depending on the floor and the amount of heavy lifting involved.)  

Still beats going out yourself.

Generously yours,

Ms. Demeanor

Ms. Demeanor is channeled by a longtime Manhattan vertical dweller and real-estate voyeur who writes under the pen name Jamie Lauren Sutton. She is here to commiserate, calm and correct. Please email your quandaries to [email protected] and put "Dear Ms. Demeanor" in the subject line.

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