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The right time to make an offer on your dead neighbor's apartment

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | February 7, 2012 - 2:50PM

When your neighbor kicks the bucket, how long should you wait before reaching out to the dearly departed's family about buying the apartment? Over on UrbanBaby, a variety of opinions have emerged.

Some commenters urge pouncing fast, despite the circumstances: "I waited to make a business propostion 2 weeks after an untimely death which was one week to late," offers one.

Another says, "I would wait until after the funeral then ask. Don't wait too long."

But most recommended getting in touch with the doorman or managing agent, to risk offending family members by moving too soon.

"Contact the managing agent," recommends one. "Whoever is going to be paying the maintenance/listing the place will contact them. They can say 'We've had interest' to the family who is dealing with it. That way you know that they're ready to deal with the business affairs after the mourning process."

Someone in a similar situation to the original poster said, "I have been asking the doorman. Are u sure they want to sell? That was the first thing i asked my doorman. In our case, we waited a month. But that was using the inside info the doorman hooked me up with."

What do you think?

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