Tied for #1 in mouse-free luxury rentals: Related and Glenwood

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Over on, a renter wants to know whether mice turn up in "nicer" rental buildings such as those owned by Related or Glenwood.

"Mice don't inquire about how much your apt costs before moving in," retorts one commenter.

Nevertheless, Related and Glenwood garner several enthusiastic endorsements for mouse-free living.

"We live in a Related rental and it was the only building we didn't have mice in," says one renter.

Attests another, "I've lived in a Glenwood building for about 8 years (4 years in the Regent at 60th and Columbus) and now 4 years in the Grand Tier and I have never seen a mouse once....In my opinion, they do a great job with that stuff."

For those who can't afford a top o' the market rental, de-mousing advice includes getting your hands on a Ratzapper ("the only thing that worked for us when we had a bad problem several years ago") and borrowing a friend's cat for a few days.


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