An ode to New York City, for Valentine's Day

By Alana Mayman  | February 12, 2016 - 3:59PM

In honor of this weekend's Valentine's Day, we're revisiting some of our most popular posts that focus on the intersection of love and NYC real estate.

Living in New York City can feel like being in a rocky relationship. The bad parts are really bad (real estate prices are sky high and neighborly noises just a little too close), but when things are good, they're oh so good.

In advance of the day of love, we've decided to channel our inner cupid and focus on a few things that make us fall in love with our New York over and over again.

  1. You can have dinner with a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter one night and a finance "Master of the Universe" the next and enjoy their company equally.
  2. We were only voted the "rudest city" because people here actually speak to one another and engage with one another in a honest way. No rolled up windows, no plastic smiles.
  3. When you drive by the Frick Museum on your way down Fifth Avenue, you can say "Isn't this a Frickin' awesome town?" That never gets old. (Okay, maybe a little bit. But still.)
  4. People ride the subway all over town to follow their favorite exercise class teacher from Equinox, while others hop in their Escalades and have their driver take them two blocks east to SoulCycle. Either is totally acceptable.
  5. The guys who sing doo-wop on the N train under Broadway are as good as anyone you'd see in "Jersey Boys" on Broadway.
  6. There is a very real possibility you will run into Tina Fey (or a cast member from most versions of Law & Order).
  7. The guy in the news kiosk on your corner knows your kids so well that he holds onto stray mittens and whatever else you dropped while rushing to school.
  8. Lincoln Center is so astonishingly beautiful on the outside that you feel like you've already been to the theater before you step inside (and you save on the cost of admission!).
  9. We bitch, whine, and moan about it, but Midtown at Christmas makes even the most hardened Scrooge believe in Santa Claus.
  10. NY1's Pat Kiernan tells you everything you need to know in one minute.

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