If you know BrickUnderground, you know how much we care about getting rid of bed bugs.  So we are very, very excited to announce that the Cimex Smart Cube--a roomy bed-bug-baking container placed in a discreet area of your building—will be unveiled this Friday at the New York Pest Expo

For those of you paying attention, we first broke the news about this baby—the brainchild of our sponsor, Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists (BBFS)--at our Bed Bug Meetup in September.

In a nutshell, the Cimex Smart Cube is an insulated steel container that is big enough to fit most mattresses--as well as bedding, clothing and furniture--and can be heated to bed bug killing temperatures.  It sits in your building’s basement or other out-of-the way spot. And unlike its popular predecessor, the Fume Cube (which, as the name suggests, relies on fumigation rather than heat to vanquish bed bugs), the Smart Cube doesn’t have to be operated by a trained technician.

Bottom line: There is finally a convenient DIY way to de-bed-bug almost everything in your apartment--as well as your luggage, the couch you just bought off of Craigslist, and most all the belongings of your incoming roommates.

We’d pick one of these over a Fresh Direct refrigerator or dog spa any day. We’d also find the mere presence of one highly reassuring in any apartment building we would consider moving into.

Prices for the Smart Cube start at $17,500 for a 7 x 7 footer. To make it extra affordable, there are lease/rent-to-own options as well. 

Download the PDF below or come see for yourself  at the New York Pest Expo this Friday. Even better, send a link to this post to your landlord, property manager, or co-op/condo board and insist that they stop by to check out the Smart Cube.  

Special offer for BrickU readers: If you register for the New York Pest Expo online or by phone before 6pm tonight and mention “SmartCube,” you’ll receive $60 off the $180 admission fee. 

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