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Cool Stuff: Earn dollars for your building (or yourself) by answering questions from Pollbuzzer

By V. L. Hendrickson  | October 24, 2011 - 12:56PM

Another day, another dollar demanded from city co-op and condo owners to help deflect rising costs and property taxes. Even when fundraising for a more fun addition like a roof deck, it can be difficult to squeeze more money out of the neighbors.

A potential solution: Pollbuzzer, a new company that will pay participants $1 for every question they answer via email or text. The questions will only take 15 seconds to answer, and signing up to become a panelist is a fairly painless, five-minute process. (Prepare to share some basic demographic information, like your education level and salary range.)

Initially, panelists will be able to redeem their earnings through PayPal, with several other options including direct payments, credits on Starbucks cards or in iTunes accounts, or contributions to single entities (like non-profits or your co-op or condo building) in the works. These payments will be automatically made once a month, but participants could potentially cash out much sooner. 

Pollbuzzer began enrolling last week and will start sending out questions in a few weeks – plenty of time to get everyone in your building involved. If 100 of your closest neighbors answered just 10 questions a week, with proceeds going to your building's account, that’s $1,000 a week that could go directly toward a roof deck, playroom, new elevator, or whatever the collective heart desires.

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