O Happy Un-Labor Day: For chores your super isn't designed for, try a TaskRabbit

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By Teri Karush Rogers  |
September 2, 2011 - 8:38AM

BrickUnderground moved into its new Midtown digs yesterday, and being a rather leanly staffed operation, we needed some extra muscles to lug our computer equipment and office supplies.  So we turned to, the new errand-running matchmaker we wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

It was a customer service delight of such extreme proportions that we feel compelled to write about TaskRabbit again, even as we try to think of more ways to rabbitize our business and personal life.  

Essentially, TaskRabbit solves the Craigslist help-for-hire problem by taking the scary out of it: They interview and run background checks on all the errand runners who bid for the privilege of doing the chores you don't want to.

This time around, our TaskRabbit, Michael A., turned out to be strong, smart, deeply nice, and (SURPRISE BONUS!) a former Apple genius bar technician, currently studying to be a massage therapist (which we think opens the door for a new professional niche that combines tech support with massage to relieve the stress of needing tech support).  

For the price of a couple of pizzas, Michael not only helped load and unload our bursting-at-the-seams taxi, but stuck around for a couple of hours rearranging our office furniture and even set up our equipment, saving us a few hours of fiddling around with computers, printers and wireless networks.  

According to Michael, thrift-store and Ikea runs are apparently quite popular.  Here, in his own words, are some of Michael's favorite tasks so far: 

  • Several IKEA runs for small items (I get an excuse to shop for crispbread and elderflower jam, plus free water taxi rides past the Statue of Liberty)
  • Mailing boxes of tile for a neighbor lady who happens to be a professional classical guitarist
  • Testing a new coupon website by eating a free lunch in Hells Kitchen
  • Picking up a dozen fancy cupcakes from the Upper East Side to brighten a SoHo office's day.

To spread the word, TaskRabbit has also cleverly given each of its rabbits an affiliate link to share: If you click on to hire your first rabbit, you get $10 off your first task, and Michael A. will earn a $10 referral bonus.

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Teri Rogers Headshot - Floral

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