Then & Now: Art Deco is forever...too bad about the heel-walker upstairs

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When I first rented my one-bedroom apartment in Hudson Heights five years ago, my favorite thing about it was the Art Deco design of the building and lobby.

When I walked into what was a work in progress--the management was renovating--I thought, "This is what a New York City apartment looks like!"

My apartment has a landing area, sunken living room and all original details like hardwood floors, moldings, built-ins and marble sills. Not to mention four huge closets! The bathroom was my least favorite thing about it because of the layout; it is the tighest room in the house. 

Now that I have lived here for some time, the thing I notice most and which makes me the happiest is the area. Going in and out of the subway entrance to Fort Tryon Park is honestly a joy---clean air, great scenery, and beautiful landscaping.

While my small bathroom is still irksome, something far worse has surpassed it as the most undesirable feature of living here: I believe both my upstairs and downstairs neighbors are in cahoots to drive me out of there with their incessant noise.

From below I'm assaulted with the sounds of a child who has literally cried everyday since he was born; he must be about four years old now. He also runs around and screams when he is not busy crying. I'm not an old fart but this kid is up until 1 or 2 a.m. every night.

As for the upstairs "friends", it is twofold. They have two cats who run around  like crazy, which I actually find funny because I can picture them racing around. The real problem is the owners. He is a 'heel walker' who you would think weighs a million pounds. She is a 'runner'. Both of these are weird behaviors for a 700 sq. ft. apartment. 

I have spoken to both and written them each a letter, after which they quieted down for about a month but then it built back up to its original resounding crescendo. The super advised me to give him the letter I sent so he could pass it to the landlord. That is my next resort. 

Noise aside, if I had to do it all over again, I would still rent this apartment.

Then & Now explores how time illuminates the pros and cons of an apartment--and how what draws people to a place isn't necessarily what keeps them there.


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