How close is too close to Chelsea's High Line? That depends.

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Phase II of the Chelsea High Line opened up this week to the expected-and-deserved acclaim and excitement...except, one imagines, from those holding orchestra seat tickets.  

Consider this exchange yesterday on a thread that veered from speculation over property values to doubts over property enjoyment: 

"Well, I walked Phase II of the Highline yesterday. And, I predict a run on window treatments at Home Depot. People's windows are literally arm's length from the park," says one commenter.

"Yeah," agrees another. "I had to leave that Equinox last year because the tourists on the first section of the high line would stop and stare right into our yoga studio and take pictures. Not exactly the greatest environment to meditate in."

Overall, though, the prediction is for a positive impact on local property values, owing  to a perfect storm of High Line admirers,  Googlers wanting to live near their massive Chelsea star system, and a new private school opening up soon.