Finding a good Manhattan rental agent is about to get easier

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We've never been fans of Russian Roulette, which is basically the game renters play when they find a rental agent by clicking on a random rental listing or walking into the nearest brokerage.

On Monday June 6th, BrickUnderground's Renter Referral Program will begin matching renters to good Manhattan rental agents (yes, they're out there, if you know how to find them) who not only know what they're doing, but are motivated to provide the best service possible in order to stay in our referral network.

Renters who tap into BrickUnderground's free referral network will also get one-on-one advisory services--on leasing questions that may come up even after the lease is signed--directly from BrickUnderground's Rent Coach.  

Sound interesting?  Shoot us an email now, so that we can send you the details on Monday and invite you to be the first to participate. 

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