10 reasons to stay put, despite what the NY Times says

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By Alana Mayman  |
May 17, 2011 - 11:44AM

In a famously mobile city like New York, living in one apartment for decades is the exception rather than the rule. A recent New York Times story suggests stasis ensues mainly when an apartment is cheap (such as rent controlled or rent stabilized) or if it is flexible enough to adapt to a growing or shrinking number of occupants (think Soho loft).

But as any experienced New Yorker knows, there are plenty of arguably more compelling motivations for clinging like a glue trap to your current abode, such as:

  1. You have a storage bin and 5 bike spaces. The citywide average wait for newbies is two years and up.
  2. You finally know how much to tip at the holidays (a little better than the neighbors, but not so much that the staff thinks you're loaded).
  3. You spent $3,500 Cityproofing your windows and $2,700 customizing your closets.
  4. In the dead of winter, there's a 3 x 5 foot patch of living room that still gets sunshine.
  5. It took you four years, but you finally got the newspaper delivery guy to leave the paper at your door.
  6. You've already dealt with your mouse problem -- do you want a new one?
  7. Even if you move a block away, we can guarantee that at least one of your favorite restaurants will no longer deliver to you.
  8. Your downstairs neighbor is hard of hearing, so you never had to buy rugs for your floor...which is a good thing, because your Maltese treats anything absorbent like a wee wee pad.
  9. The roofdeck you spent four years fighting for is finally opening this summer.
  10. The super is cool with your illegal washer dryer.

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Teri Rogers Headshot - Floral

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