What's a million-dollar apartment without laundry? A million dollar hovel.

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"I live in a million dollar apartment and I still have to go to the basement to do laundry. We call it the million dollar hovel. Stupid real estate," grouses an apartment-dweller in an discussion sparked by this statement: "I have a washer and dryer in the kitchen of my million dollar apartment. This is not what my grandmother would have considered progress."

But as the posts that follow make clear, w/d is just another way of saying The Good Life, whether the appliances are kept veiled in a closet or on full display mid-room--and however expensive the apartment: 

  • "I'd be happy with a washer and dryer in my bedroom if that's what it took."
  • "Everything's relative. My apartment is worth a fourth of yours. and I am thrilled that we were able to squeeze a washer and dryer into our bathroom."
  • "Boo-hoo for you. Anybody got change for the laundromat?"
  • "Please I have one that is not behind doors and stacked and I consider myself lucky!"
  • "Ours is a bit under $1 mil, but we just have the washer and no dryer. However,  I'm still thrilled to have that!"       

Bottom Line: "It's all about perspective. Buying a 2.3M apartment and THRILLED to be able to put a stackable in the closet in the kitchen. I consider that huge progress over schlepping to the laundromat."  


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