7 things you need for your NYC apartment that do not exist (yet)

By Alana Mayman | April 4, 2011 - 12:45PM

Apps, schmapps.  We predict that the next entrepreneurial revolution will unfold not in Silicon Alley, but right inside your very own NYC apartment, beginning with:

  1. A sleeper-sofa that can be adjusted from comfortable to uncomfortable depending on the guest and/or desired departure date
  2. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that send you an email when the batteries are low instead of waking your kid up at 3 in the morning
  3. A renovation estimate that includes a line item for bribes, kickbacks and markups
  4. A wee-wee pad hut that doubles as ottoman or coffee table
  5. A sound-proofed sleep-training room in the building with closed circuit television, for babies learning to sleep through the night and the neighbors/parents hoping to sleep through the night
  6. Self-adjusting window shades that detect nudity within your apartment and ugly nudity without
  7. Combo washer/dryer that not only masquerades as a dishwasher, but doubles as one


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