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No-Fee Building of the Week: Good things come in small packages, with stairs

By A. Ready  | February 7, 2011 - 1:05PM

It's a walk-up building. The apartments are small.  And it's located very far east, on East 72nd Street near York Avenue. This is all true, but landlord Jack Resnick is offering two rent-stabilized apartments at extremely low prices. There's a studio for $1,525 and a one-bedroom unit for $1,530 (we suspect the tiny price difference between the studio and the one-bedroom reflects the fact that the one-bedroom is on a higher floor). The apartments have oak-stipped floors and modern kitchens and baths. The location, technically Lenox Hill on StreetEasy's map, borders Yorkville, which while not everyone's idea of a prime location, was recently named the eighth best neighborhood in NYC for singles.  

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