Going down? Elevator ‘attendants’ vs. doormen

By Margot Slade  | February 28, 2011 - 1:09PM

Can an elevator attendant effectively function as a doorman at the same time? Over on, the consensus is yes, sort of, so long as residents remember their keys and the building isn't so big that the attendant spends more time in the elevator than at the door.

"It does require some juggling by the doorman and patience on the part of the residents. But it does work," notes one commenter.  "It's not a problem as long as residents don't allow 'piggyback' entry and your stairwell doors remain locked at all times."

Nevertheless, many one-man buildings eventually choose to automate their elevators and convert their operator into a full-time doorman offering 24/7 curbside and lobby assistance. 

Another benefit of automated elevators: They neither listen nor talk (nor do they blog).  "I hate having to small-talk with a doorman ... stuck in a little cube with an elevator operator, it's strictly torture," notes one Streeteasy commenter. 

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