Clutter shame

By A. Ready  | January 13, 2011 - 12:55PM

Could you and your possessions happily exist amidst the sleek, modernist style so prevalent today? One apartment dweller is becoming self-conscious about her cluttered ways. Although her "lived-in" apartment suits her lifestyle, she feels that 99.9% of her acquaintances live in show homes (like the one pictured here). Most commenters say that they take minimalist approach, with some blaming their upbringing rather than design trends: "I grew up in a house where we put ketchup in a small bowl with a sauce spoon, no bottle on table," says one. "The idea of having a bottle of Advil on my counter would actually drive both me and [my husband] a little crazy. We can't stand looking at stuff!"  Another minimalist confesses that her mother "keeps everything, everywhere and it drives me mad. I declutter so much [that] 4 of us live in 950 sft and we have an empty walk-in-closet. Counters must be bare at all times." Forget the counters; we're still fantasizing about that empty walk-in closet. (



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