BrickTest: The Throver…a tarp for your couch

By Annabel Lee  | December 8, 2010 - 12:52PM

The Product:

The Throver, a throw-blanket (pictured) made from moisture-proof Crypton fabric, aims to provide a fashion-friendly tarp-like barrier between your furniture and your pets, Kung Pao chicken, toddler, etc. It’s especially apropos in smaller homes, where furniture is subject to heavy use and ottomans frequently double as kitchen tables.

The Test:

As owners of a new couch on which we are in the habit of picnicking, and of a cat recently recovered from a bladder infection, we knew last spring that we needed an effective furniture protection method.  A bed sheet wouldn't prevent the dreaded soak-through of a liquid spill, and a big plastic-backed tablecloth or shower curtain would be beyond hideous. Instead, after reading about Slobproof furniture upholstered in Crypton, we invested in a Throver last spring. 

We bought the light-green “Melrose pear” version (pictured here), and draped it over the new couch like a slipcover--or more aptly, a drop cloth.

Quickly, the Throver was put to the test. My drip-prone husband has given the Throver its biggest workout. His favorite dessert is sticky, drippy Popsicles. On the Throver, with a few vigorous rubs of a wet sponge, the pastel-colored drips come right up. When I accidentally spilled some soda on the sofa, the Throver worked almost too well--the soda pooled up and nearly slid onto the floor.  And when our cat Tabby threw up, the mess dried up and kind of rolled off when I wiped it with a sponge.

With one woven side and one sueded side, the Crypton fabric feels almost as soft as regular fabric but repels liquid, moisture and similar schmutz. And it doesn't make that crinkly plastic noise. Liquid spills bead up and can be wiped off right away or after they dry with a damp sponge or paper towel. Or you can toss the whole thing in the washing machine.

The Verdict:

Well worth it, though at $149 ($122 on for a 48" by 54" rectangle, which covers two of our three couch cushions, the Throver isn't cheap. I wouldn't mind if it were twice as big so it could fit over the entire couch. But it has saved the new couch on several occasions, for which I am exceedingly thankful, and it would also make a great (if pricey) housewarming gift.



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