The Nanny Question: Tipping the person who cares for your children

The Nanny Question: Tipping the person who cares for your children

By A. Ready  | November 30, 2010 - 12:49PM

BrickUnderground's 2010 Holiday Tipping Guide sets forth suggested tipping ranges for those who assist us in our vertical living experience, including, for some of us, the full-time nanny. Our rule of thumb: One week pay minimum or two if you can afford it. Or, one week pay and one week vacation. Over on, most commenters agree, but not all. One employer who pays the nanny about $450 weekly was thinking a gift card for maybe $200 would be sufficient. Um, not so much. "For real?" asks one, "It's almost better to give nothing." Another points out that "nobody wants a gift card, cash is king."

Many emphasize the important role a nanny plays in family life, and our favorite comment puts it into perspective nicely: "My gosh. My housekeeper is getting 2 weeks bonus and she cleans my toilets versus raises my children. It is dispiriting to read on these tipping threads how reluctant people can be to graciously share the wealth they are blessed with. … For those who could afford to tip two weeks wages but somehow feel they just don't want to, that isn't nice. Or christian. And to have someone work for you year-round and give them no paid vacation is stingy. Shame. Shame." (; previously)

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